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We are Procurement Office, workplace, where independent purchasers and professionals are sharing experience towards small companies, which are missing own qualified human resources. Peoples, which were operating with millions to secure production, construction, transportation or standard operation.

We know, where to mine information for our work, how to measure, analyze and what risks to expect.


It does not matter, if you are a producer, distributor, developer, small, big or global company. Any subject creating profit by business act need someone to take care of procurement issues. Procurement is the act of obtaining equipment, materials, supplies, services and other resources.

The bigger your business is, the more complicated your procurement will be.


We know the process and work style of global corporations, we are bringing learned steps to our business. Our ambition is to increase standard of procurement at standard clients.


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|invoicing and order management

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Procuring services We will take care about your material management, sourcing or procuring. We have good international networking with connection to Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey and European Union. - Request for quotation - Bidding process - Evaulation of bids - Scorecarding - Saving strategies - Contract management - Ordering management - Forecasting - Supply Chain Management - Purchasing Procurement administration Our clients appreciate our administration services. We are sharing our professionals to complete administration tasks of our clients. Our staff is experienced in using of CRM software. We know SAP, ERP Next, Odoo and other CRM software. - ERP data entry - data entry - e-commerce administration - invoicing - sourcing forecasting - PO administration - data analyzing


Mr. Michael Fraňo SPSM2

Managing Director of Procurement Office

Previous career experience

TOP previous purchasing experience

/#1 2006 - 2007

Samsung Electronics Ltd.

Visual Division Purchasing Staff

Purchaser G2


Responsibility for selection, management and evaluation of


   within assigned commodity groups

Responsibility for materials in assigned purchase groups

Pricing management

Creation and conclusion of Contracts with suppliers

Negotation with sppliers

Forecast management

Processing of Purchase Orders by Production Plan

Follow up of Shipping Notification

Secure Invoice Verification

Shipping, Tracking and Delivery management

Cooperation with Production Planning department

Cooperation with Engineering Department regarding BOM (ECN)

Cooperation with Material Management and solve problems with

  G/R, stock accuracy within assigned materials

Administration of purchasing agenda

Solving of ad hoc purchasing issues


TOP previous procurement experience

/#2 2008 - 2012

E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH

E.ON Elektrárne s.r.o. - subsidiary

Procurement specialist



Communication with vendors, realisation of business meetings, leading

  of business negs

management of existing vendors, investigating of new vendors

development of strategy for bidding, management of bidding

analyse of offers, marketing statistics

management of PR and PO

creation of purchase contracts and annexes,

creation of works contracts and annexes,

creation of gift and sponsorship contracts,

management and factual revision of SLAs,

verification of contractual conditions fullfilment according to business


risk management related with procurement, claim execution,

invoicing revision, factual approvement of invoices

procurement on project of construction of CCPP Malzenice

procuration of company in contractual propositions in amount up to

  20 000 Eur monthly

max up to 100 000 Eur monthly

monitoring of performance of procurement process within the scope

  of E.ON standards

reporting to procurement management in Munich and Hannover,

coordination of procurement issues related to CCPP Malzenice in

   corporate procurement,




Our Experience

Our experience is based by procurement background gained at global operating companies. We know, what issues are solving in intercontinental companies. We apply our experience and learned processes in our services.


We know, for our clients is most important to receive, what he wants with best possible conditions. We know, how to operate quickly, where to find, what steps to expect and how to process with proficiency.


We are storing every completed issue. We are analyzing our past steps, studying and sharing within our team to be able to increase our quality with best efficiency. Our archive is serving just for our purpose.


We like Confidentiality agreements.


We are taking needs of our clients seriously. Because of we don´t like to stay on one place, we are developing our skills. We like, if our clients are asking us for consultation and we know the answer.


We are asking advisers and organizations for training and specialized education. We are holding certification

Senior Professional in Supply Management SPSM provided by Next Level Purchasing Inc. and we are coming with 2nd level in 2016.  

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accounting services

reverse osmosis

educational services




cleaning services

warehouse eqipment

telecommunication services


industrial gases




contract management

ERP Next


purchasing plan



ground works



saving strategy



electrical components



SLA management

ammunition survey


material requirement plan

supply chain management


archeological survey


payroll services

cleaning services

IT services


Our Processes


that feeling of success,

the music of business,

knowledge of the world,

addiction on responsibility

that uniqueness, when you achieve to connect various for solving of equal